Hip Replacements Bowling Team!

Join us this Sunday July 12th from 2pm-6pm for Terpsicorps Bowl-A-Thon. Terpsicorps is Asheville’s professional dance company and they need our help! Like a Telethon except for oh so much more fun. We’ll be bowling to keep the arts in Asheville.

You can pledge for us online or come by the store to offer your support.

If you choose to pledge online follow this link: Pledge with Hip Replacements Bowling Team

Make sure to locate the bowler from our team in whose name you wish to give your support. Our team members are:

Kip Veno
Franzi Charen
Carolina McCready
Fuller Baudouin
Reggie Valentino Ealy

Online you can pledge per pin, per strike or per game. If you pledge per game, you’ll know excactly how much your pledge is for (as there are 3 games – $5= $15 total pledge). Otherwise, they will give you an estimated pledge amount and you’ll be informed of the total after the games are over.

You wll be able to view all the craziness online at Terpsicorps.org on the day of the event.

Our deepest gratitude to everyone who lends a hand! In fact, everyone who pledges will get 10% off their next purchase at Hip Replacements. Hell, you can even pledge $3!

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